Albums of the Year – #15

For the next two weeks or so, the Emperor will be counting down his top 15 metal albums of the year, followed by the best songs and best concert performances of 2017. Let’s kick it off with #15:


I love me some frills. Symphonic death metal? Love it! Tech death with a healthy dose of ethereal atmosphere? Fantastic! Post-blackened hardcore mixed with Belgian grind? Don’t know it that’s a thing yet, but I would probably think it is fucking amazing. But Dyscarnatewith all that being said, there’s nothing wrong with going frill-less, as long as you core sound is good enough. On With All Their Might, Dyscarnate pummel you into nothingness with one of the heaviest records of the year, all while remaining 100% frill free.

This album avoids the typical death metal pitfall of repetitiveness. Dyscarnate have a core sound, sure, but each track is distinct, and each track is interesting. You aren’t listening to one band perform the same song 8 different ways. This record will keep you entertained throughout, all while beating you into submission every second of the way. The vocals are brutal (in the best way possible) and the riffs are piled higher than Mt. Everest, creating one of the more memorable records in a genre that let me down quite a bit this year.


“Of Mice and Mountains”, “Iron Strengthens Iron”

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