Albums of the Year – #14


Darkest Hour became one of my favorite metal groups after their 2005 release Undoing Ruin, and cemented their spot after 2007’s Deliver Us, both of which were chock full of unbelievable riffs, soaring choruses, and John Henry’s instantly recognizable hissing Darkest hourvocals. But things have stagnated since then, with three fine, but uninspired, releases (The Human Romance has one of their best tracks ever in “Your Everyday Disaster”, but is an otherwise forgettable album). Which is why I was so happy on my very first listen of Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora. Right away I knew this was a return to what I loved so much about this band.

Like many bands this year that I’ve seemed to enjoy, Darkest Hour really embrace their hardcore punk origins on this record, giving it a pissed-off vibe that has been missing in their work recently. There are very few weak spots on the record, and the album flow is very smooth. Darkest Hour’s defining characteristic, in my mind, is the ability to make metal catchy (not an insult, I swear) while remaining heavy. Give “Knife in the Safe Room” and “None of this is the Truth” a couple of listens and you’ll be headbanging around your office for the next week singing the hooks.


“Knife in the Safe Room”, “None of this is the Truth”

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