Albums of the Year – #11


On your first listen, you are undoubtedly going to exclaim, “Wait just a damn minute! I thought this was supposed to be a metal album, not some long-lost hits of the 70’s collection!” Alas, poor simpleton, this album is both. You didn’t realize that exactly what Night Flight Orchestrayou needed in your life was a bunch of Swedish metal musicians paying homage to their 70’s prog-rock heroes.

About the biggest praise I can give this record is that it sounds like the perfect album released about 40 years too late. Everything, from the vocals to the musicianship, just screams beige & tan overtones, and big hair, and big pants, and everything else that I’m sure the 70’s embodied. Listening through Amber Galactic, you can truly feel how much these guys admired the music of the times, and you can tell that they put in a LOT of effort to get the sound just right.

From Van Halen to KISS, from Rush to YES, these guys manage to hit on just about every great rock act of the time, somehow tying in all of their sounds into one cohesive, flowing, incredibly fun record.


“Midnight Flyer”, “Star of Rio”, “Gemini”, “Domino”

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