Albums of the Year – #10

The Body & Full of Hell – Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

Never has such an unholy union sounded so damn sweet. Bringing together the ugliest corners of extreme metal, the Body and Full of Hell’s second collaboration together is The Bodyfurther proof that these two amazing groups should just join together once and for all and never be apart again (Full of Body, maybe?).

While both groups are quite good on their own (Full of Hell’s Trumpeting Ecstasy wasn’t far off from making this list), it’s on their collaborations together that both groups really shine. Full of Hell’s grisly, blood-curdling screams stand out even more against the industrial backdrop of the Body’s musicianship, while Chip King’s instantly recognizable shrieks are a perfectly hellish complement to Full of Hell’s noisy grind. The whole album is unsettling, unnerving, and more than anything, unbelievably good.

While not for the feint of heart, Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light showcases just how good extreme metal can be, combining two of the ugliest sounds around to make something horrifyingly beautiful.


“The King Laid Bare”, “Didn’t the Night End”, “Master’s Story”

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