Albums of the Year – #7


People are a little too cavalier about tossing around the term “supergroup” nowadays in the metal community. Especially considering even the superest of the supergroups, Gone is Gonefrankly, haven’t been that super. No matter how great the individual parts are, it never adds up to some better than, or remotely equal to, the original bands.

That’s the frame of mind I was in when I first heard Gone is Gone, when I assumed they would be just another not-so-super group filled with great individual pieces (Troy Sanders from Mastodon, Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age, and Mike Zarin from At the Drive-In). Their 2015 Self-Titled debut EP was a colossal disappointment, and the early January release date for Echolocation didn’t instill a whole lot of confidence either.

But Echolocation is an absolute triumph, a prime of example of how the sum of the parts can equal something totally different than what you’re expecting. The album doesn’t sound like Mastodon, or QOTSA, or ATD. It only sounds like Gone is Gone. Whereas Troy’s other supergroup, Killer Be Killed, just sounds like the 3 frontmen alternating sounds from the primary bands, Gone is Gone have crafted a wholly unique sound, one that is not asking you to constantly compare it to the musicians’ day jobs.


“Sentient”, “Resurge”, “Ornament”, “Pawns”

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