Albums of the Year – #6


Despite one of the more respected and recognizable names in hardcore punk/metalcore, Converge find themselves in a somewhat unenviable position. While they continuously churn out fantastic material, and have shown amazing growth and maturity during their Convergeentire existence, the hard truth remains that they will never be able to match 2001’s Jane Doe. One of the most influential albums in heavy metal history, Jane Doe is a generational album, and unfortunately most bands don’t stumble onto that type of genius twice.

Perhaps because of this, Converge has never tried to duplicate Jane Doe’s sound, moving further from the chaotic noise/grind sound of the album and increasingly leaning into their hardcore punk roots more and more as time has passed. The insane energy of Jane Doe will never be duplicated, but the more relaxed (relatively) tempo and focused pacing has led to more intelligible, nuanced music.

With The Dusk In Us, Converge find themselves embracing the hardcore punk element even more, with Jacob Bannon’s unrestrained shrieks replaced more and more by a punk-tinged yell. The breakneck pace of Jane Doe has been replaced by what is likely their mellowest, most methodical record yet (including two tracks that I would dare even call “slow”). Their growth as a band is on full display, as rather than relying on pure chaos and energy to form the backbone of their sound, Converge shows that they can all hold their own as songwriters.

So with that said, is The Dusk In Us as good as Jane Doe? Abso-fucking-lutely not. But this may very well be the 2nd greatest record in Converge’s history, and that is nothing to shrug your shoulders at.


“Eye of the Quarrel”, “Under Duress”, “I Can Tell You About Pain”, “Reptilian”

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