Albums of the Year – #5


Wasn’t technically perfect
Couldn’t have been any better

  • “Return to Earth”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard such meta lyrics on an album before in my life. Is Clairvoyant, the Contortionist’s most recent outing, perfect? No, no it’s not. One only has to see them live to see just how good the band can be when they embrace the screams that vocalist Michael Lessard is capable of producing. And those amazing screams are Contortionistcompletely, totally, 100% absent from their newest record (the band has been moving this direction for a while now, but as far as I can tell this is their first album with totally clean vocals). But once you accept the shift in their sound, I’m not sure the band could have made a better record than this.

The truly standout aspect of this album is that there is no even remotely weak track. Every song not only works by itself, but each song weaves perfectly into the next, creating a truly unique sound on the record (even amongst their other works) that is both mournful and yet inspiring, all while being both heavy and jaw-droppingly beautiful.


“Reimagined”, “Clairvoyant”, “Return to Earth”

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