Albums of the Year – #3


No band, through sound or attitude, seems more primed to carry the torch left after Lemmy’s passing than these guys. Another “supergroup”, Mutoid Man have an energetic,Mutoid Man driving sound that can only be compared (although still markedly different) to Motorhead.

Previously only really known for one hit (Gnarcissist), War Moans is packed full of fast paced, energetic rockers that prove these guys are not just one-hit wonders. Ben Koller’s (of Converge fame) drums and Nick Cageao’s bass are the backbone of the record, propelling each and every track forward at breakneck speed, providing an amazing counterpart to the softer, gentler vocals.

My friend Steve gave this album a listen and told me that it did nothing for him. Which just goes to show you that Steve has no fucking idea what he is talking about. This album is fantastic.


“Melt Your Mind”, “Bone Chain”, “Headrush”, “Irons in the Fire”

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