Albums of the Year – #2


2017’s preeminent death metal record, Nightbringers is a master class in tightly controlled chaos, combining frenzied guitar riffs and violent drumming into some of the catchiest metal that you’ll ever hear. Trevor Strnad’s consistently wild vocals shine, Black Dahlia Murdernever letting the album grow stale despite never coming within a light year of anything approaching “clean” vocals. This record is a furious and frenetic whirlwind, stomping at the gas pedal from the word Go and never letting up.

What is perhaps most impressive about Nightbringers is that while there may not be a top-10 track of the year on the album, nearly every song on this album deserves a spot on the shortlist for the top 25. Not one of the 33 minutes on this album is dull, with each song fully capable of squirming its way into your brain. For a record so brutal, so angry, so fucking VIOLENT, Nightbringers is still somehow one of the most fun records of the year.

While I’ve always enjoyed the work of the band, it’s always been a song here, and a song there, and never a complete album. No longer. Nightbringers might be the most tightly orchestrated metal album of 2017, with incredible musicianship and amazing arrangement tucked away neatly behind a curtain of violence and viscera. You can dig deep and discover that this is an amazingly written record, or you can just enjoy the fury and head bang your head off. Your choice.


“Widowmaker”, “Nightbringers”, “Kings of the Nightworld”

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