The Metal Dog Days

Good News


…actually, it’s relatively bad news that is leading to some decent news. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, of relevance coming out in August until the last Friday of the month. Sure, I have no doubt that there’ll be some decent albums from bands that I’ve never heard of, but when the biggest releases in the next few weeks are coming from Nonpoint and the brittle husk of what was once Alice in Chains, I don’t have the highest of hopes.

But that brings us to the good news! Since I won’t have any new releases to review, I’m going to take the next 4 weeks and review all of the albums that I’ve missed over the last month and a half (and believe me, that’s a LOT of albums). Pissed that you don’t know what I think of the new Skeletonwitch? YOU’RE IN LUCK!!! Have you been tossing and turning at night because you don’t know where I stand on Deafheaven’s newest record? Well fret no more! I’m going to be like fucking Oprah with metal reviews. You can bank on reviews for both of those bands along with the newest releases from Between the Buried and Me, Obscura, Vein, Black Fast, and maybe even a few more if I’m not too lazy on my upcoming vacation. Got an album you want reviewed? Let me know and I’ll get it done!

Up until August 31st, when we finally get records from Omnium Gatherum and Steve ‘N’ Seagulls, we’re kinda stuck in a dead zone. Let me, your humble anthropomorphic Cupcake ruler, be your guiding light out of the darkness.

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